enter the hole ...

Out and about in the City of Qorn

The City of Qorn is a vast metropolis on the edge of The Summer Land on the vast expanse of the Western Ocean, it stands at the cross roads of the major trade routes in the Northern Hemisphere.

Qorn is an accident of human greed and single minded ambition. The city grew from a humble begining aeons ago and is now a main center for trade purely because of the huge population there prospecting for vast treasures and ancient wonders  fabled to exist beneath the gigantic city.

Map showing Qorn - 1630

There is nothing in the hinterland of Qorn, a vast scrubland surrounds the city. Therefore the citizens are totally reliant on the trade and provisions landing daily from all quarters of The Summer Land. A vast network of "sky docks" have grown to support the sky ship traffic and the loading and unloading of cargo, animals and other beings.

The rulers of Qorn have grown rich on the taxes levied on trade here and as a result the noble dynasties in the city have interests and influence all over The Summer Land.

Qorn stands a massive heap in the landscape. Built in layer upon layer over the ages, each generation leaving it's mark on the landscape only to sink into oblivion under the weight of the city built by the endeavors of the next generation.

Qorn has grown around a number of vast open mines. The city itself extends into the holes, down the sides of huge cliffs like a fungus it creeps over the rock and into it. Down into a world of twilight, so deep the noon day sun can barely penetrate the gloom. 


And down here the ghost miners toil, for months, sometimes years on end, they never come to the top. Toiling, digging their own tunnels, shifting tons of earth and rock and sand, searching. And sometimes they find what they are looking for. An eruption of frantic activity accompanied by the deep bellow of horns announces the discovery of a new cavern laden with jewels and gold and exotic instruments from the past times.

This is what keeps them there. The promise of untold wealth.

And there also you will find the parasites, making a living off the toil of the ghost miners with taxes and levies, security and highly priced supplies and equipment. There too you will find the adventurous and the unwitting, each one with a plan to avoid the relentless toil of digging, a plan that finds a way to the heart of Qorn, to the vast wealth piled up of the dragon lords in the foundations of the mountain all those ages ago.